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Dying for Gold: The Philippines' Illegal Treasure Mines

1 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  Channel NewsAsia

In Paracale, the Philippines, miners have been risking their lives to mine gold using the world's most dangerous method. A coastal town once rich in natural minerals is being scoured for the world’s most sought after metal. With the illegal gold trade worth an estimated 700 million dollars per year, this ruthless industry is all that many have ever known, and their only viable source of income. Every day, workers called ‘Players’ dive into underground caves for the chance of striking gold. The industry leaves bloodstains in its wake and a trail of destruction on the environment in the Philippines.  So why does illegal mining continue to flourish? We trace the shadowy chain of command from players, agents, financiers to buyers in the black market.


From the series Undercover Asia.

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