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Fill My Tank

6 x 23 HD
Broadcaster:  Channel NewsAsia

Energy consumption is out of control. Our non-renewable fossil fuel supplies are getting dangerously low, and we're still using more and more every day! Fossil fuels release CO2 gasses, polluting the air we breathe. How can we fuel our future without it costing the world?

Intrepid environmentalist Sean Lee Davies thinks he may have the answer, but not without putting his theory to the test.

Converting used cooking oil to bio-fuel, he drives from Singapore through Malaysia and Thailand to an orphanage in Cambodia, where they desperately need his bio-fuel generator. He has to use everything from wind and sun to pig manure along the way on this green road trip of a lifetime!

Winner Best Infotainment - Asia Rainbow TV Awards

"Sean Lee-Davies' new ecotravel show glows green" - Time Out


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