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Asian Hate in the United Kingdom

1 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

COVID-19 triggered waves of attacks on East & South-East Asians around the world, with the UK reporting a three-fold rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in the early months of the pandemic.


And yet this issue has received little attention in the UK's press or media. Now, international correspondent Wei Du returns to Britain to find out if people who look like her are still living in fear, and what it would take to stop Asian hate in Britain. In the process, she also uncovers the long history of racist attitudes towards Asians in the UK, and how the community is finally determined to fight back. 


Featuring exclusive interviews with victims of anti-Asian hate crimes, far-right nationalist Jayda Fransen, and British East Asian community leaders who are determined to #StopAsianHate


From Series 9 of the award-winning series, Undercover Asia

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