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China and the New Pacific

2 X 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

The tranquil waters of the Pacific are stirring. After China signed a security pact with Solomon Islands, traditional partners, such as the US and Australia, are worried about losing influence. This series travels across the Pacific to meet locals who will be affected by the intensifying geopolitical rivalry as China’s presence increases.


Spanning several Pacific island nations, this series explores a range of important issues - from the legacy of World War Two through accusations of neo-imperialism to climate change. In Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, locals are calling for international help as American bombs from the Second World War lie dotted around the nation, often exploding with deadly consequences. In Fiji, we learn of the bidding war between Australia and China to redevelop a military camp as well as the environmental impact of Chinese projects. In Samoa, meanwhile, we explore the flourishing Chinese diaspora and their mixed reception by locals, as well as travelling to New Zealand where many from across the Pacific are striving to make their new home while maintaining their cultural heritage.


With exclusive access, this series interviews local leaders, anaylsts and community members to understand what is really going on in the region and how its people are being affected by outisde powers.


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