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Did Covid Leak from a Lab?

1 x 47 HD
Broadcaster:  Channel 4

The prevailing narrative of the Covid-19 outbreak has been that it all started in a wet market in Wuhan. Any suggestion that it was too much of a coincidence that the epicentre of the pandemic was a virology lab that had been experimenting with coronaviruses, was dismissed as propaganda or conspiracy theory. Governments, leading scientists and major media outlets in China, Europe and the USA, all supported the notion that this was a natural evolutionary consequence of a rapidly changing virus – rather than a leak from a lab.


But there is now growing evidence that for once, the conspiracy theorists might be right. This documentary follows the story of how Covid’s origin has been manipulated; uncovering lies and deceptions that have been perpetrated by the Chinese government, an international network of scientists and major organisations.

Successive attempts to trace the origins of the virus have been stifled – not just by the Chinese authorities, but by the international scientific community and the world’s leading science journals.

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