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Inside the Firestorm

Format: 2 x 45 / 1 x 111
Available in HD

On 7th February 2009, Australia suffered its worst peacetime disaster. ‘Black Saturday’ claimed 173 lives, left almost 8,000 homeless and destroyed millions of hectares of bush-land. Inside the Firestorm is a documentary record and commemoration of this unprecedented mega fire  – faster, hotter, larger, and more dangerously dynamic than ever before.

Made up of individual, interconnecting stories and personal experiences, the film will zero in on the key hours, minutes, and even seconds of one of Australia’s darkest days, from the immediate pre-amble to the catastrophe – the heat-wave, the dire warnings, the preparations – to the unfolding of events, from the first sightings of smoke to the forensic identification of areas to be treated as crime scenes. The drama that this detail inherently instills in the narrative takes the audience deep inside the disaster and offers a real time, blow-by-blow account, as seen through the eyes of those who were there.

Key contributors include those who fought the fire, specifically the Country Fire Authority; survivors who recount the extraordinary ways in which they escaped the terrifying blaze; relatives of those who perished; journalists who covered the event as it dramatically unfolded; and police and forensics who were involved in the immediate aftermath of the fires.

Winner, Best Direction in a Documentary, Australian Film Institute

Winner, Best Editing in a Documentary, Australian Film Institute

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