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The Asian Century

8 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

How did North Korea build its nuclear bomb? How did India's Partition really come about? How did the death of Mao lead to a new age in China?


As the world's eyes turn towards Asia, it has never been more important to understand the recent history of the world's largest continent. This landmark series deconstructs the pivotal events which have shaped the current Asian Century.


Combining rare archival footage and personal eyewitness testimony, the series challenges accepted views and reveals the personalities and rivalries that have shaped history.



1. The Death of Mao

2. The Fall of Suharto

3. Marcos: The Man and the Myth

4. Partition

5. How did North Korea Build the Nuclear Bomb?

6. India's Iron Lady

7. Japan's Militarist Emperor

8. The Rise and Fall of Mujib (Silver World Medal for Documentary: History & Society Cateogry  -  2019 New York Festivals Awards)


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