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Ancient Splendours of Rome

2 x 50
Broadcaster:  EBS

When it comes to the mighty Empire of Rome, surely its greatest gift to posterity is the Colosseum that still commands the awe and admiration of people all over the world to this day. Built with 1 million bricks laid by the hands of 30,000 slaves, the Colosseum forced the Roman Genius to develop all-new building techniques which continue to benefit architects today. But it was also a tool used by clever emperors to manipulate public opinion in their favor.

However, not every aspect of Roman history is quite so triumphant: The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79 - an eruption so violent as to send clouds of ash soaring to a height of 20 miles, and to spew out 1.5 million tons of volcanic debris with each second that passed - drew down a veil over the bustling sea port of Pompeii. Encased in solidified volcanic ash, little was known about the fate that befell its inhabitants. Until now.

Ancient Splendours of Rome brings these incredible stories to life with stunning CGI and dramatic reconstructions.

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