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Can Art Stop a Bullet?

1 x 60 / 1 x 90 HD

You may not think that art could stop a bullet, but could it stop a bullet from being fired? This film examines the stories behind the most iconic artworks to be born out of conflict, exploring the role of art in achieving change in times of crisis.


Meeting leading artists who have depicted war, this is a journey encompassing people, places and events from every continent. From Picasso’s Guernica and its impact on the Spanish Civil War, to Nick Ut’s ‘Napalm Girl’ photograph, which was credited with helping to bring an end to the Vietnam War, art has stretched beyond borders. Hiroshima survivors share their testimonies, as well as Iranian musicians, Indigenous Australian artists and photographers of the Civil War in Northern Ireland.  


Personal interviews are conducted by artist and social activist, William Kelly, winner of the Courage of Conscience award – an honour shared with Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Muhammed Ali. Kelly believes that in the political climate of today, art has never been in a more powerful position to bring an end to global crises. At a time of assaults on human rights, social justice and free speech, the voices of journalists and artists are under threat. Drawing on iconic works that have shaken the world, this film reaches from our past to our collective future… and it couldn’t be more timely.

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