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Broadcaster:  Nat Geo Asia

In this inspiring 3 part mini-series, three young and curious hosts, head off the beaten track to live with local people in a China few have experienced. From experiencing the Naadam festival on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, to planting rice in a Dong minority village in Guizhou; from learning the ancient art of shadow puppetry on the Yellow river to protecting pandas in a nature reserve in Shaanxi. Our hosts travel deep into China’s rural communities with one aim: to discover, through a family homestay what life’s like in rural China today, and how it’s changing.


Chris Bashinelli, native of New York and citizen of the world is passionate about learning different culture, he will be grasping the tea picking skill from the hardworking women of the Miao ethnic group. Kimi Werner, from Hawaii, is a champion spearfisher, a trained chef and an artist, who wishes to bond with the local students in rural China despite the language barrier. Dennis Nieh was born in America and now lives in Taipei. He’s  more used to red carpet meetings with the stars – not sleeping under them, staying with a host family in Sichuan means that he will have to bring his A game at spice-handling.


On this journey, we will explore China with laugh and tear where our three travelers eat, sleep, work and live with the locals; 3 backpackers, 3 locations across China, let the ultimate homestay experience where West meets East begins.

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