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In The Name of Love: China's Mistress Busters

1 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

In China, divorce rates have almost doubled in the last decade, with many couples splitting up due to a third party. With more married men taking up lovers and mistresses, China is seeing the rise of an unexpected industry - professional Mistress Busters who are hired by wives to save their marriage.


We follow two high-profile names in the trade - Zhang Yufen & Yu Feng as they go about brutally mistress-busting. We get to meet Wei Wei, a woman whose husband is suing her for divorce. She suspects he is having an affair with her own cousin but lacks evidence to prove her case in court. Can Zhang help her find the proof she needs? His mistress-busting involves some relationship building and that means befriending the mistress and the husband. How does that usually work out? We get the low-down from "May", an unwitting mistress who finds out her boyfriend is married after they get into a relationship.


From Series 4 of the award-winning series, Undercover Asia.

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