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Big Food

13 x 23 HD

Food brings together friends, family, and strangers. But what does it take to feed hundreds, or even thousands at a festival, market, temple, or culinary competition? Greta Georges delves into the world’s biggest foodie events, going behind the scenes to discover the extraordinary skill, passion and energy it takes to pull off a feast for the hungry masses.


From a paella competition in Spain, to a free kitchen that feeds 80,000 people a day in Pubjab, to a wedding for 1,400 guests in Singapore, Greta gets involved, helping the people who make, manage and move massive amounts of food to bring it all together. She finds out that it’s back breaking work, and any number of things can go wrong. But the result in every episode is a delicious culinary extravaganza!


We learn from the masters about the different techniques and tricks to make modern and traditional dishes. With great ingredients, meticulous preparation, and lots of energy, each location comes alive with the sights and smells of their food. This is a cultural exploration of how food brings huge communities together around the world.


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