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The Road to Jihad

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Broadcaster:  CNA

From anti-Islam protesters to Taliban extremists, BAFTA-winning reporter Mobeen Azhar travels from England to Pakistan to meet with those that are attacking mainstream, moderate Islam’s place in the modern world. 


In recent years, we have witnessed the rapid rise of Islamic extremists across the world that have endorsed a violent mix of politics and theology. This in turn has fuelled negative steroetypes of Islam as a religion of violence and conflict. But why have these radical beliefs gained such traction and how are Muslims around the world fighting back to reclaim their faith from extremist interpretation, and to counter those that see Islam as incompatible with Western values?


In the first episode of the award-winning Power and Piety series, British-Pakistani reporter and film-maker, Mobeen Azhar investigates the threats facing the peaceful practice of Islam today and explores the real stories behind the alarming headlines.


From the series Power and Piety.

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