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Vogue: Sextortion and the Internet

1 x 51
Broadcaster:  RTE

Vogue returns to investigate one of the most pressing issues affecting the lives of today's social media generation.


In Sextortion and the Internet, Vogue shines a light on the real-world impact of online bullying, grooming, phishing, catfishing and scamming. She meets cyber-victims who’ve been trolled to the point of suicidal depression, from a woman kidnapped and raped by a man she met online to a teen taking the first civil action ever against an ex-boyfriend for posting 'Revenge Porn'.


Along the way Vogue also meets Psychologists and Cyber Security Experts who explain why and how the internet has become a weapon of mass assault, and give advice on how to avoid the most harmful pitfalls of social media.


From the series Vogue Williams Investigates.

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