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Confessions of a Sex Addict

Format: 1 x 57
Broadcaster(s):  BBC
Available in HD

Jeff Leach is a ladies man, and a successful one at that. Ask him what the most important thing in the world is, and he’ll say: ‘women’. With an assortment of long-term lovers, friends-with-benefits and a vast number of one night stands to his name, Jeff openly admits that the fairer sex are his raison d’être. And, totting up a rate of 10 new lovers a week, his isn’t a case of all mouth and no trousers.

A self-confessed hopeless romantic, Jeff looks for an emotional connection in every encounter, however brief. Ultimately, he wants nothing more than to fall in love. But he is the first to acknowledge that deep underlying insecurities fuel his compulsive flirtations; and that, unless he can confront his issues, the cycle will continue unabated. And now, as he heads towards thirty, Jeff’s life is entering a new phase – whether he likes it, or not. His friends are getting married and his parents are getting divorced after over 30 years; events that are forcing Jeff to reassess his own attitudes towards ‘love’. He’s becoming increasingly aware of, and alarmed by the likelihood that he might never be able to sustain a conventional relationship. He’s also starting to find himself outpaced by his own reputation as a ‘charmer’; add to that a growing sense of sex as a drug he simply has to administer, and suddenly the fun’s gone out of playing the field. After a decade dedicated to sexual proclivity, Jeff’s decided it’s time to ask: can I change? And more importantly – how?

In this heartfelt and hilarious documentary, Jeff’s taking a long-overdue look at his sexual standards – and asking for help from the women who’ve known him best. Imagine meeting each and every significant other from throughout your life, now, and sharing a truly frank discussion about what happened between you. Excruciating? Probably. Impossible? Almost certainly – there’s a reason why most people fall out of touch, especially where matters of the heart are concerned…

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