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Format: 9 x 30
Broadcaster(s):  Channel 4

Lifeproof is a sex-education series firmly anchored in the lives of teenagers – a rich, multi-layered portrait of teen relationships that peels back the layers to reveal what really makes them work.

When it comes to relationships, there is never a right or wrong answer. Everyone does it their own way, and this series explores how various teenagers manage their lives. Each episode covers different issues and different ways of dealing with them. Whether it is deciding to ask someone out, using contraception, or getting over a break-up, a group of friends offers different perspectives. They talk about love, sex, jealousy, heartbreak, fancying a friend and coming to terms with their sexuality – what you do to ‘fit in’ and what you do to stand out. The series explores identity, self-esteem and the pressures that teenagers face when growing up.

Lifeproof is about getting advice from the people you trust most – your friends. And it is about helping each other out, listening to the people who you know best, and learning from others’ experiences.

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