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Smart Life: China's Lifestyle Revolution

1 x 44 HD
Broadcaster:  Discovery

Josh Klein unearths Chinese innovations that could radically transform our everyday lives, going behind the scenes of the companies at the cutting edge of the lifestyle revolution.


With a rapid increase in access to Internet connectivity, our thirst for information and IOT will have us owning 26 billion connected devices moving 50 trillion gigabits of data by 2020.  We need smart solutions to deliver the next generation of big data to our fingertips.


From advanced food safety tracking systems that ensure safety of produce from farm to table to scientists using light to transmit digital data 10,000 times faster than today’s Wi-Fi…. and it’s near impossible to hack. And when self-propelled liquid metal robots find their feet and walk into our daily lives, it could well usher in a new century where science fiction becomes science fact.


From the series Smart China.

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