How to See a Black Hole: The Universe's Greatest Mystery

1 x 60 / 1 x 44 HD
Broadcaster:  BBC

This is the inside story of an international team of scientists attempting to take the first ever picture of a black hole. This monumental technological mission takes them to the most powerful telescopes across the world to create one image that could completely overhaul our understanding of black holes and the universe.


Black holes are the strangest, most mysterious entities in our universe. They are cosmic prisons with enough gravity to pull in light and never allow it to escape. For decades, evidence has been growing that these sci-fi monsters are really out there. But a critical piece of evidence is missing - nobody has ever actually seen one.


For two years our cameras have followed an international team of astronomers led by Shep Doeleman from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory trying to plug this gap in our understanding. They want to take the first ever picture of a black hole.



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