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The Changing Face Of... Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The Changing Face of... is a glittering new celebrity biography series with a twist: telling the incredible stories of A-listers whose careers have endured across the decades. Hugely talented within their fields, they’ve also been inventive in using their image to keep themselves in the spotlight. Through the prism of their ever-changing style, we reveal each star’s amazing life story - the highs, the lows, the drugs, the sex and the rock and roll.

The Changing Face of... has secured interviews with dozens of key players in the global image-making machine - in London, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. For example, top photographer Terry O’Neill, Emmy-award winning designer Bob Mackie, veteran TV journalist Nina Myskow and respected fashion historian Pamela Church-Gibson. Alongside their contributions are stunning stills and moving archive from Getty Images and ITN, revealing the iconic looks of our celebrities from childhood to present day.

Arnold’s is a classic rags-to-riches story, the American dream come true. Brought up in a poor family in Austria, he became a champion body-builder and Mr Universe. It gave him a ticket to America where he starred in a movie and married a Kennedy before conquering Hollywood. He has not only sculpted his body, he has created a series of new identities for himself: athlete, actor and then politician as Governor of California. They said he’d get nowhere with his name and his accent – but he has proved the critics wrong.

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