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Tipping Point: Climate Countdown

3 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  Channel NewsAsia

We have arrived at a decisive moment in history. We are at a precarious tipping point where climate change could decimate the world's water, food and energy.


Clear evidence of this destruction can already be seen across the globe - in Antarctica, in the world’s flooded cities, and in the ever-degrading quality of our agricultural products. Now, citizens and states seek to tip the scales back in Earth’s favour, as cities switch to carbon free power sources, and a global movement to repair the earth gains momentum.


This groundbreaking series explores the latest issues and solutions to the world's climate crisis. Featuring leading climate scientists and activists, and with unique access to polar explorer Robert Swan's ClimateForce Antarctic expedition, the series explores everything from water crises in India and food shortages across South-East Asia to the latest Dutch clean energy technology.

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