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Format: 3 x 60
Available in HD

Filmed over six months with extraordinary access, this is an intimate behind-the-scenes portrait of British Catholicism explored through the institutions of Allan Hall Seminary, Westminster Cathedral, and a Catholic Primary School in a small village in Lancashire.

We follow Allen Hall’s seminarians as they pursue a timetable preparing them to be fundamentally altered as human beings. Only upon ordination will they be materially changed as men; then able to celebrate the Eucharist and to perform the act that is central to Catholic life – the transformation of bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

In Lancashire we observe how Catholicism is being distilled into young children’s hearts and minds; encouraged to celebrate the natural world that surround them, remembering those less fortunate and reflecting on Christ’s death and resurrection. Lastly, set against the backdrop of life at Westminster Cathedral, we meet the women devoted to the church and who complete our picture of Catholic identity in modern Britain.

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