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No Luggage

84 x 26 HD
Broadcaster:  DIEMA / Bulgarian National Television

No Luggage is an array of beautiful tales from all over the globe. We will take you to the perfume trees of Bali and teach you the mysteries of Japanese calligraphy; you’ll travel to see the strange and eerie rituals of the Toraja folk and learn the abc’s of falcon hunting with the ace hunters in Dubai. There are more than 500 30-minute episodes produced on multitude of cultures and locations: Indonesia (multiple islands), Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Japan, China, Tanzania, Morocco, Mexico, Cuba, Ethiopia, Egypt, Tunisia, Peru, Bolivia, Greece, Spain, Croatia and many more...


No Luggage series tell positively charged stories, sharing virtues, respect and tolerance. We explore the beauty and history of cultures and landscapes of both well-known and most hidden corners of the world focusing on the local knowledge and tradition. We tell about the Inca treasures, wild tribes, shamans, healers, wildlife and natural wonders, amazing people and their inspiring life... 


Take a leap into the colorful whirl of cultures with us and grab a share of the most sacred, most attractive and most precious treasure of all - knowledge.


No Luggage: We can’t wait to tell you!

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