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1 x 52 / 6 x 6 HD
Broadcaster:  Ovation

Conflict photographers bear witness to tragedy, forcing audiences to confront the human impact of war, and the individual stories behind headlines. But can their pictures really change the world? Conflict turns the lens back on the people behind the camera, shedding light on how photographers capture their most striking and emotive works. From Sudan to Afghanistan, South Africa to Syria, this film follows six of the world’s most renowned conflict photographers into combat situations, sites of racial and sectarian violence, and as they document violent domestic abuse cases. The film allows them to open up about their work in a series of painful, but honest testimonies.


From the world-famous photojournalist Pete Muller whose pictures confront the effects of global conflict on individuals’ ordinary lives, to Donna Ferrato's shockingly intimate pictures of women and children who have suffered abuse, the photographers consider the motivations which drive them to put their lives at risk for their profession. And they are given the opportunity to face-up to the ethical questions that have haunted their work long after they have walked away.


It has never been more dangerous to be a conflict photographer. Yet this film allows photographers to explain why they think it is worth working in this unique, often troubling, but important field. How conflict photographers hope to shed light on humanity at their best, where there is cause to celebrate even in the midst of conflict, as well as showing humanity at its very worst.


Guardian: "A memorial to the people who have given their lives to this onerous craft"


João Silva: "Being behind the camera doesn’t exclude you from being there. It is not a shield"



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