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Grand Earth

6 x 44 HD 4K
Broadcaster:  MediaCorp

Deserts. Forests. Caves. Mountains. How have human beings adapted to living in the world’s most extraordinary environments? The sheer magnificence of the natural world takes centre stage in this exploration of some of Earth’s most beautiful and most unforgiving environments and the people who have, against the odds, made these places their home.


From Nepali Sherpas battling the elements in the Himalayas to the Iranian cave-dwellers of Kandovan, Grand Earth brings us across the world to explore the fascinating communities surviving and thriving in the most incredible places on earth. We climb the steps of the stunning terraced rice-fields of Yunnan China, carved out of the mountain by the Hani people over 1000 years ago, swim with the little-known Badjao or ‘sea gypsies’ of the Philipines, and meet the hardy Bolivian miners who have harvested salt from the gleaming mirrored desert of Salar de Uyuni for generations.


Featuring stunning cinematography alongside intimate portraits of remarkable local people, Grand Earth brings us face-to-face with nature at her most breathtaking and her most brutal.


Episode 1 - Deserts: Salt Desert, Bolivia; Socotra, Yemen

Episode 2 - Caves: Kandovan Village, Iran; Matera, Italy

Episode 3 - Forests: Apatani Tribe in Ziro Valley, India; Maya Forest, Mexico

Episode 4 - Earth: Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain; Ouarzazate, Morocco

Episode 5 - Mountains: Yunnan Rice Fields, China; Sherpas of Everest, Nepal

Episode 6 - Water: Lake Titicaca, Peru; The Badjao of Bohol, Phillipines




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