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Vogue: Playgirls

1 x 50 HD
Broadcaster:  RTE

Join Vogue as she travels the globe in search of sexually voracious women who view men as prey and sex as a commodity...or just another disposable pleasure.


In Playgirls, Vogue decides to find out whether this generation of women is actually as sexually liberated as they claim to be. She investigates the new phenomenon of all female sex parties for straight but ‘bi-curious’ women and meets the worldwide organiser of ‘Killing Kittens’ – Sex Parties for women who want men out of the picture…just occasionally. Vogue attends a spanking class, visits an S&M B&B in London before finally facing the last taboo – women who pay for sex.


Join Vogue on a wild ride through the world of sexual liberation, as she discovers what young people are getting up to in the bedroom, and how far some people are willing to go to get their fix, in order to find out whether our attitudes to sexuality have really come as far as they seem.


From the series Vogue Williams Investigates.

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