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Vogue: Is Monogamy Dead?

1 x 60 HD
Broadcaster:  RTE

Has online dating made the idea of having one true soulmate unrealistic? In a society consumed by instant gratification and where something better could be just a swipe away, is monogamy a concept that is ready to be retired?


Vogue investigates changing attitudes towards monogamy, meeting dating experts and millennials for whom finding a new partner takes just a few flirty message, and asks the question: is being spoilt for choice necessarily better than the age-old idea of ‘happily ever after’? On this very personal journey, Vogue explores how relationships and the concept of monogamy have changed over recent decades, comparing attitudes then and now and asking who is really better off - the generation where choice was limited to those you met at the local bar or the generation where there is another option just a swipe away?


Join Vogue as she explores the dating conventions of today, and asks whether today’s young people are really thinking differently about love, sex and relationships.


From the series Vogue Williams Investigates.

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