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Thailand's Wild Side

2 x 44 HD
Broadcaster:  National Geographic Channel

This brand new series follows the fortunes of some of Thailand's most charismatic wild creatures as they face the biggest challenges of their lives; The Hunting Game and The Mating Game.


Discover how these exotic animals bring up their young, search for partners and fight for survival, all set against the stunning backdrop of Thailand's jungles, mountains and wetlands.


Episode 1 : The Hunting Game

Across Thailand’s myriad landscapes, animals face a constant challenge -to find food. From misty rainforests to rich wetlands, salty mangrove forests to busy cities, many are locked in a deadly battle either to capture or evade, while others must rely on their wits, guile and tenacity to win their prize. It’s all to play for, for those caught up in the Hunting Game.


Episode 2: The Mating Game

Follow peacocks, Sarus Cranes, Asian golden weavers, macques, elephants and more in their quest to breed and raise offspring.

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