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Nuclear Meltdown: Minutes From Disaster

2 x 51
Broadcaster:  ITV

With on the ground witnesses and expert testimony, go behind the scenes of some of the most terrifying nuclear disasters that the world has ever experienced.



Windscale 1957: The Nuclear Winter

In October 1957, one of the Windscale nuclear reactors caught fire. It was the world's first nuclear accident, attributed to the rush to build atomic weapons. This programme highlights the mistakes leading to a nuclear event which, 40 years on, still takes second place only to Chernobyl.

Inside Sellafield

Controversy surrounds the British nuclear site at Sellafield. Punctuated by crisis after crisis, including a series of disastrous leaks, operational inadequacies and management cover-ups,the true story is told for the first time by a former company director.

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