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Series 3-5: 36 x 45, Series 6 (SupermodelMe: Revolution): 10 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  DIVA,  MediaCorp

In a series of mentally, physically and emotionally challenging tasks; who has what it takes to make it in the cut throat world of fashion?


Combining high fashion and action packed sports challenges, SupermodelMe pits 12 aspiring models against one another in a boot-camp style competition. Set against exotic locations and featuring internationally revered stars of fashion, this award nominated series is the only Singaporean production airing over 5 seasons, with the support and sponsorship of 26 brand partners.


In Season 6: SupermodelMe Revolution, this award-winning modelling competition with a difference returns with a fresh new look pitting 12 fast-rising models and influencers against each other in an ultimate face-off.


This adrenaline fuelled series shouts 'Girl Power' and champions individuality and independence.


SupermodelMe: Revolution awards:


Winner, Best Entertainment Programme, Singapore: Asian Academy Creative Awards.


Winner, Best Editing, Singapore: Asian Academy Creative Awards.


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