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Cosmic Odyssey

6 x 52 (HD) 2 x 52 (4K) HD 4K

From the beginning of time, to the space-craft of the future, this series explores humanity's tireless quest for other worlds. Discover the origins of the universe itself, the birth of our solar system, and witness our first tentative steps into the stars - from missions to Mars, to unmanned probes sent out to unlock the secrets of the mega-planets which hold the key to understanding our origins, and our future: Saturn and Jupiter. And from nuclear fusion, to harnessing the power of black holes, discover the technology that will fuel the space race of tomorrow ...


This is the definitive account of our Cosmic Odyssey.

Episode 1 - Seeing the Beginning of Time (4K)
Episode 2 - The Jupiter Enigma (HD)
Episode 3 - Voyage of Curiosity (HD)
Episode 4 - Kingdom of Saturn (HD)
Episode 5 - Journey to the Pale Red Dot (HD)
Episode 6 - Faster than Light (4K)

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