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Fight Club: A History of Violence

4 x 47 HD
Broadcaster:  UKTV

Narrated by Emmy Award-winning actor Sean Bean, this mind-blowing series tells the gripping history of how men and women have fought each other throughout the ages.


For centuries, close physical combat has been used to entertain the public, make fortunes for gamblers, impress romantic suitors and settle old scores. From Georgian duels and Victorian bare knuckle boxing to Elizabethan swordfights and Tudor jousting, we explore the social and historical context of one-on-one fighting, and uncover the shocking realities of these ruthless contests and their effects on the mind and body.


Through dramatic reconstructions and state-of-the-art CGI, this series brings the charged atmosphere of the very first fight clubs to life.


Episode 1 Georgian fighting women

Episode 2 Victorian Prize Fighters

Episode 3 Georgian Duellists

Episode 4 Tudor Fight Club


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