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The Rise of Hindu Nationalism

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Broadcaster:  CNA

Travelling from Varanasi to Mumbai, BAFTA Award-winning reporter Mobeen Azhar investigates the growth of Hindu nationalism across India.


The partition of India over 70 years ago was a landmark event for its citizens, liberating them from the British rule. Whilst Pakistan chose to define itself as a Muslim state, India became a multi-faith nation. Recently however, one brand of Indian nationalism – Hindutva – has become increasingly dominant. The Hindutva movement claims to be a nationalist movement for all Indians but critics have accused it of re-writing history and redefining India as an essentially Hindu nation.


Mobeen Azhar travels across India to see how the growing dominance of this Hindu nationalism is deeply concerning for many of India’s minorities and witnesses how  these nationalist debates are playing out in schools, on television and in street protests throughout the world’s biggest democracy.


From the series Power and Piety.

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