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A Brony Tale

1 x 80 HD

Brony (n): A (typically middle-aged) male fan of children’s TV series “My Little Pony”. Explore the explosion of Brony culture with this critically-acclaimed rollercoaster of a film. Join Ashleigh Ball, the voice of Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash on the 4th generation of Hasbro's My Little Pony series, as she enters the surprising world of manly Pony-wannabes, Brony DJs and underground pony parties.

Ashleigh travels to the national Brony Convention, BroNYCon and meets a whole host of unforgettable characters. From the brony music DJ in Atlanta who plays underground pony parties, the manliest brony in the world working in a bike shop in San Jose, the high school brony club in Ohio or the SoCal brony meet ups in LA, there is a brony that everyone can relate to.

Bronies have created online forums, drawn their own characters, remixed videos on youtube and made their own spin offs of the show online. On top of this, they have Brony meet-ups, school clubs and activities for Bronies to unite as one. This documentary not only gives us an inside look into the incredible niche world of these men, but also an intimate look into the courage it takes to just be yourself. This is a quirky, fascinating and heart-warming look at an unstoppable phenomenon.

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