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Chubby Chaser

Format: 1 x 46
Available in HD

Looking back over the last fifty years of popular feminine beauty, women have been in constant conflict with the fat on their bodies.  Over the last half century, the luscious curves and soft bodies once so popular have disappeared and in their place is beauty that is sharp, hard and, crucially, thin.  But why did the beauty ideal change?
Chubby Chaser follows filmmaker Jeff Sterne as he finds out what happened to "big girl beauty" - and his coming out as what he calls a “Chubby Chaser” in a world that is shocked by his love for fat and even considers him a pervert.

With exclusive access to high-profile Chubby Chasers, including Bill Fabrey, founder of the North American Association for Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) and the “Hugh Hefner for Fat Chicks”, Zik Uwaje, publisher and owner of Bodacious, a magazine for Chubby Chasers, this film offers a fresh insight into this fascinating topic. A hybrid of traditional documentary live-action, collage filmmaking, and cut-out stop motion animation, Jeff Sterne creates a heart-warming dialogue showing that the true key to happiness is about feeling accepted for who you are.

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