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Dance of the Severed Head

Format: 1 x 51
Available in HD

The spectacular 250 year old Gajon Folk Festival in Kurmun, India, culminates in a controversial dance with a decayed human head. For the first time ever, Karma Wangchuk, a filmmaker from Bhutan, has been granted access behind the scenes to find out more about this mysterious ritual.

In honour of Lord Shiva, Gajon Sanyasis, or local farmers turned monks, perform various tantric rituals which have been passed down over the generations, including the dance of the severed head.

Karma lives with the local villagers and gains the trust of the local priest to investigate the origins of the dance, and its significance to the people of Kurmun today. Can the festival continue in its current form any longer, or should the worshipping of the severed head be banned?

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