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Format: 1 x 51
Broadcaster(s):  Shaw Media
Available in HD

A gripping and intimate look at the sub-culture of female sci-fi fans. FANomenon follows rural retail worker, Suzie Beckner, as she goes on a life-changing quest to meet her fictional space explorer hero from Stargate: Atlantis – Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, played by American actor Joe Flanigan.

Journeying through the fascinating world of fandom, Suzie discovers much more than what she set out to find. Legions of women, and not just young teenage girls, make up an economically powerful sub-culture within the community of sci-fi fans. Having hidden in the shadows for decades for fear of ridicule, access to technology has brought these women together and into the light – with Hollywood now ‘discovering’ their social and economic significance for the first time.

FANomenon is a cutting-edge exploration of female sci-fi fans’ culture, their creative pursuits, and why they need heroes.

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