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Sibling Rivalry: Near, Dear and Dangerous

1 x 43 HD
Broadcaster:  CBC

It’s a rivalry as old as Cain and Abel and sometimes just as nasty.  Entangled from infancy in a web of conflicting emotions, few people escape unscathed from their brothers and sisters. This documentary presents a fascinating investigation into the root causes of these often tumultuous relationships and how they make us who we are today.

This intriguing film looks at some of the most infamous family rivalries which have extended dramatically into adult life. From the fiercely competitive Staal brothers of hockey fame to Hollywood actresses Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine, who spent decades fighting over men, money and Oscars.

Sibling Rivalry: Near, Dear and Dangerous also chronicles the tragic falling out of potato magnates Harrison and Wallace McCain and how the two warring Hitchens brothers manage to bury the hatchet shortly before Christopher’s death.

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