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Peer to Peer

119 x 24 + 5 x 48 NEW EPISODES HD
Broadcaster:  Bloomberg

What makes a great leader? How can leadership be developed into a force for true achievement?


Peer to Peer explores successful leadership through the personal and professional choices of the most influential people in business. From Kim Kardashian to Hilary Clinton, Jeff Bezos to Jane Goodall.

Renowned financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein travels the United States talking to leaders to uncover their stories and their path to success. Each episode features an interview with one business leader, and includes the insights of such renowned public figures as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, TikTok CEO Shouzi Chew and former US Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton.


124 eps in total across 9 seasons (119x24 & 5x48)

S1 (6 x 24)
S2 (4 x 24 & 2 x 48)
S3 (12 x 24 & 1 x 48)
S4 (29 x 24 & 2 x 48)
S5 (24 x 24)
S6 (22 x 24)
S7 (22 x 24)
S8 (20 x 24)
S9 (20 x 24)

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