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Cosmic Journeys

18 x Multiple Shorts HD 4K

What is it like to live aboard the International Space Centre? Is there life on Mars? And what has space exploration taught us about our own fragile planet? Find out the answer to these questions and more in this stunning collection of 4K UHD short-form journeys across our galaxy and beyond:

Electric Earth 1x6'

Earth from Space 1x3'

Hubble Realm of Light 1x6'

Hyper Earth 1x12'

Jupiter As You've Never Seen It 1x2'

Mars: The Blue Planet 1x4'

Overview Effect 1x20'

Powdered with Stars 1x2'

Rivers of Energy Inside the Sun 1x4'

Solar Eruptions 1x2'

Space Rush 1x17'

Super Blood Moon 1x7'

The Burning Earth 1x4'

The Curvature 1x3'

Ballad of Earth and Sun 1x3'

The Things That Live on Mars 1x6'

What Scientists Are Seeing Over Greenland 1x12'

Birth of a Black Hole 1x25'


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