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e² intervention architecture

Format: 1 x 56
Broadcaster(s):  PBS
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Intervention Architecture explores architecture that creates positive change economically, culturally, environmentally and socially.

This one-hour e² special, explores the diversity and plurality of 5 projects that have won the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture. The Aga Khan Award for Architecture triggers debate and reflection on the built environment ultimately playing an important role for improving our planet for future  generations. Projects are judged on a variety of criteria with a focus on sustainability, change making, collaboration, humane urban density and more. This intensely rigorous three year process brings together the greatest creative thinkers of this century who consider specific societal needs as well as wider contemporary concerns. In the end, all projects are judged on how they improve the overall quality of life in societies where Muslims have a presence.

e² intervention architecture tracks the 5 winning projects that embrace the ethical and philosophical criteria that the awards represent. The program traverses the globe visiting diverse projects that are as far ranging a wetlands restoration project  in Saudi Arabia, the revitalization of a French Colonial heritage site in Tunisia all the way to a Bridge School in Xiashi, China that reconnected a community and became the cultural center of the village. At the end of our travels we understand that we are all one world, facing the same challenges in a shared future with the belief that the future can be made better.

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