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Pearl Diver

Format: 1 x 52
Available in HD

Long before the oil industry transformed the Gulf region, pearl diving was the biggest industry in Bahrain. The unique combination of fresh water and salt water created the perfect habitat for oysters, making the best, most captivating natural pearls in the world.

The quality of Bahraini pearls was renowned across the globe. Like Cartier, people would travel to Manama to select the finest pearls for their famous necklaces, earrings and bracelets. At the peak of its glory, the pearl diving industry employed more than 30,000 people on 2,000 boats.

This documentary offers unique insight into those times, taking viewers back to the days before the oil industry and before the cultivated Japanese pearls killed the ancient tradition. Only a few of the old captains and crew members are still alive. Pearl Diver has exclusive access to their fascinating stories, told from the deck of the stunning traditional Arab boats called dhows. The film is a rare and beautiful experience with amazing underwater filming.

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