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Asia's Ancient Civilisations

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Broadcaster:  CNA

The vast continent of Asia was once home to mighty ancient empires that changed the course of world history. Join Singaporean scholar, Peter Lee, in this award-winning series as he travels back in time to explore the dramatic rise and fall of these great civilisations.


Peter embarks on an East Asian adventure to uncover the stories of four ancient empires in Japan and South Korea: from the mighty Tokugawa Shogunate that created order, unity and military dominance to the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido whose descendants are striving to keep their ancient culture alive today. He travels to Japan's extreme south to learn about the mysterious Ryukyu empire before going to South Korea, home of the Joseon Dynasty which reigned for five centuries and enjoyed unprecedented power in the peninsula. Next, Peter journeys through Southeast Asia to explore the untold stories of four massive empires; from Thailand's powerful Ayutthaya to Myanmar’s Buddhist Bagan, and from Cambodia's ancient Khmer - architects of the famous Angkor Wat temple complex - to Indonesia's spice-trading Majapahit.


Featuring dramatic animations that bring these civilisations to life alongside exclusive interviews with a cast of international experts, the extraordinary history of ancient Asia has never been told like this before.


Gold Medal Winner - Documentaries/History - World Media Festivals Awards

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