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Asia's Ancient Civilisations

4 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

South-East Asia’s powerful ancient civilisations were incredibly diverse and culturally rich, but their dramatic histories have been little explored on screen, until now.


In this award-winning series, historian and Asia expert Peter Lee travels across Southeast Asia to explore the untold stories of four massive empires that changed the course of history; from Thailand's mighty Ayutthaya to Myanmar’s Buddhist Bagan, from Cambodia's ancient Khmer to Indonesia's spice-trading Majapahit. Peter investigates each empire's rise and fall, exploring the secrets hidden within spectacular ancient ruins including Angkor Wat and the Bagan temples, and getting involved in centuries-old living traditions.


Through stunning animated reconstructions, we bring each empire's epic historical legends to life, revealing their untold stories and their lasting legacies in the region today.


Gold Medal Winner - Documentaries/History - World Media Festivals Awards

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