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Coronavirus: How the World is Changing

1 x 47 HD
Broadcaster:  Channel 4

2020 has seen the biggest world health crisis to face us for a generation. COVID-19 is prone to affecting 80% of the world's population.

In this eye-opening documentary, we investigate what the long term effects of the coronavirus will be, everything from seismic changes in economic policy to shifts in the way we treat other people. From a drop in pollution to the widening of the gaps between rich and poor, young and old. It aims to answer many of the questions that are plaguing society: What does this mean for the future of retail? Will this change the way we act as a society? Could COVID-19 become a recurring problem? What will the world look like after coronavirus?


In this time of uncertainty, only one thing is for certain: COVID-19 has the potential to change the way we live forever.

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