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Keith Haring: Street Art Boy

1 x 53 HD
Broadcaster:  BBC,  PBS

In the 1980s Keith Haring blazed a trail through the galleries and nightclubs of downtown New York's art scene. Rebellious and ingenious, Haring chose to operate both inside and outside the art world. Inspired by the city's graffiti scene, he made New York's subways, tarpaulins and walls his canvas.


This new feature documentary blends stunning archive and an edgy soundtrack, with tender and candid first-hand accounts of Haring. It tells the extraordinary story of an artist who lived and created with a boundless energy, throughout the social, cultural and political counter-revolution of the 1980s.


Haring never wasted a moment of his short life. He took inspiration from his gay identity, with his work mirroring the struggle of gay men in the '80s and '90s. The new freedom in this community was coupled with a fierce battle for survival, as AIDS became a ruthless threat. Haring's impending early death fuelled his amazing productivity. In just over ten years he created a vast body of work, becoming one of the most influential and prolific artists in the 20th century, and leaving an impact on pop culture that has made him an icon today.

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