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Eco-Heroines: Elena And The Saiga

1 x 52 HD 4K
Broadcaster:  Ushuaia TV

Meet Elena Bykova and her daughter Olya, a formidable family team based in Uzbekistan who have devoted their lives to saving the saiga – a critically endangered antelope with a distinctive bulbous nose.


Travelling across the steppes of Central Asia, they track the saiga and work with rangers to stop poachers from slaughtering this unique mammal for profit. Their ultimate goal is the establishment of vast national parks where the saiga population can recover and prosper. 


In 2015 an epidemic tragically wiped out half of the remaining population, killing over 200,000 animals in just a few days, making the work of Elena and Olya and their team of volunteers all the more urgent.


From the series Eco-Heroines

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