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Frontier Borneo

10 x 23 HD
Broadcaster:  UKTV,  Discovery Networks

Borneo: an island of towering mountains and impenetrable jungles, and a home to a staggering array of animals and plants. But the diverse flora and fauna of the world’s third largest island is under threat from development, habitat loss and climate change. Join an international team of rangers on the frontlines of biodiversity protection as they strive to manage man’s relationship with the wild.


With their innovative approach to conservation, the rangers are at the forefront of wildlife preservation - from dealing with troublesome elephants and rescuing sun bears, to trying to keep up with playful orang-utans. Showcasing the incredible range of habitat across the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, including UNESCO world heritage sites, this entertaining new series provides a true ranger experience.


From the chilly rocky heights of the mountains, to the subterranean passages of the underground labyrinths, Frontier Borneo is a compelling collection of stories set against a breathtaking natural backdrop.

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