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Gone Wild

Format: 1 x 46
Broadcaster(s):  Animal Planet Canada
Available in HD

Gone Wild discovers intimate and touching stories about once-domesticated animals now gone feral who have made themselves at home in surprising places, often with unimaginable consequences. Having been abandoned by – or escaped from – their owners, millions of domestic animals around the world roam free. These resourceful stray animals have managed to survive in spaces they now claim as their own. But what is the impact?

Host Erin Skillen searches the globe for these animal populations, learning their history and the politics of their lives. She speaks with people who view these feral animals as pests and look for ways to control or eliminate them, as well as with those who work to sustain their freedom, and protect them from encroaching dangers. Her adventures include riding in a camel race in Australia, the midnight capture of giant American bullfrogs overtaking lakes in BC, romping with stray dogs on the beaches of the Rarotonga, Cook Islands, and comforting abandoned cats in Rome.

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