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Reefs: Rainforest of the Ocean and Nomads of the Ocean

Format: 2 x 45

 This two-part documentary examines both accidental and intentional artificial reefs in Barbados, Bermuda and Qatar. These countries are acting immediately to prolong the health of their marine environment. Reefs: Rainforests of the Ocean reveals how our conservation of the coral reefs worldwide is essential for our heritage, economy and health.  Nomads of the Ocean examines efforts in Barbados, Bermuda and Qatar to protect marine turtles. These countries are a new voice in examining turtle biology both on land during nesting seasons and in the water where they spend most of their lives. This documentary sensitizes viewers to the issues affecting these fragile creatures, such as habitat destruction, hazardous marine waste and dedicating areas as natural protected reserves. Nomads of the Ocean reveals how conservation of turtles in Barbados, Bermuda and Qatar is successfully increasing the potential survival of these species.

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