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Wild World

Format: S1 7x23, S2 7x23, S3 7x23, S4 8x23
Broadcaster(s):  PBS
Available in HD

Wild World explores the natural playgrounds of our environment, from tracking colonies of birds in their natural habitat to finding stunning waterfalls tucked deep in the woods, surrounded by areas once rich in gold. This series is a new and fresh look into the beautiful wildlife that inhabits the world around us.

Travelling through America's vast backyard, viewers venture through swamps, islands, bat caves, canyons and more, while getting to know the creatures that animate this wide and varied landscape with life. Emmy-award winning CNN anchor Sharon Collins, guides the series with a lively curiosity meeting endangered species, snakes, loggerhead turtles, pelicans, dolphins and even alligators along the way!

This beautifully constructed, Emmy award-winning programmes paints a captivating picture of the fragile and intricate world surrounding us, with the ever-changing backdrops of stunning locations roamed throughout.



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